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James Simson

Psychopraticien, Coach de vie

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Face à face ou en visioconférence je vous invite à échanger avec moi sur vos défis et/ou les gènes qui vous empêchent d’être la personne que vous voulez d’être.

Dans les limites de mon art, je m’engage à travailler avec vous en tant qu’égal et à vous encourager à accepter la responsabilité de votre croissance et de votre progrès.  Nous établirons un accord sur le(s) axe(s) de votre vie que vous souhaitez travailler.

Mon rôle d’accompagnateur, en vous posant les questions et en vous écoutant soigneusement,  est de vous apporter clarté et conscience sur vos croyances, vos comportements et comment vous êtes influencé dans vos choix.  Le processus de coaching que je mène a pour but de générer des résultats plus efficaces dans votre vie relationnelle, votre vie professionnelle, votre vie personnelle et surtout avec vous-même.

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RDV en visioconférence possible (Zoom, Google Meet, etc...) Parking dans la cour (merci de klaxonner et je viens vous ouvrir), espace accessible aux fauteuils roulants

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  • J’ai consulté James à l’occasion d’un changement de direction personnel et professionnel. James a été d’une grande aide et son écoute attentive m’a permis de trouver en moi la motivation nécessaire pour atteindre mes objectifs. Je recommande fortement James qui en toute simplicité s’est se mettre à la portée de tout le monde.

  • James is an invaluable coach and sounding board who has accompanied me on my journey of personal growth for more than a decade. He has helped me to understand and deal with numerous personal and professional issues including end the of my marriage and the ensuing difficult divorce fight, loss and gain of several jobs, understanding and improving my relationships with my family of birth, and simply becoming comfortable with myself "in my own skin". Initially I consulted James on a regular basis but now simply check in with him from time to time to explore whatever specific situation I am wrestling with - which in many cases has its roots in things we have examined before. In particular he has helped me understand the multi generational impact of my grandfather's alcoholism and how that has shaped my family and my relationships in a way I never would have understood otherwise. He is intuitive, empathetic, genuine and honest, and often provides very helpful insights, either by pointing them out directly or by guiding me to where I realize them myself. He helps me seek the best in myself but at the same time encourages me to be more gentle with myself as I tend to be extremely self-demanding. I recommend James unreservedly to anyone seeking a great coach and personal guide.

  • "James is an excellent Life and Business Coach. He has really done his own work and this shows in his work with me. As he listens, I find I can hear/see/feel what is important to me with more depth, clarity, insight and compassion, which positively impacts my way of working. As a coach, James is observant and intuitive, particularly where I might be selling myself short. His great gift is to gently validate my perceptions and feelings and give them a place. He does not believe in spiritually bypassing the problems, challenges and suffering that are part of normal life, instead he has helped me develop my esteem, strength and resilience to better address them with integrity. Thanks to his grasp of Inner family Systems, I am able to understand the source of potential conflicts and prevent them from taking over, leaving me with a clear head to make sound operational choices. I am delighted to recommend this ethical, honest and courageous man as Coach". CEO Jellycat 1999 to 2021.

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